The Delhi state Congress has left the appointment of secretaries, general secretaries, vice-presidents and other office-bearers on the AICC chairperson. These appointments have been due for four months.

Party sources said that the reason for the delay in these appointments is differences among the senior party leaders. Hence, it was decided unanimously that appointment of all the office-bearers in Delhi should be left on Sonia Gandhi.

Mahesh Joshi who looks after the Delhi affairs in the party said that election of the block level in the Congress had been completed. As far as secretaries, general secretaries, vice-presidents and other office-bearers, it would be done by the high command as there was some misunderstanding over the selection of the candidates.

When asked that there was some rigging during the election of block-level office-bearers, he said it was not a major case. A few cases which came to light were rectified.

DPCC president Jai Prakash Agarwal said that appointment of secretaries, general secretaries and vice-presidents was beyond his jurisdiction. It is done

by the in-charge of state affairs – Mahesh Joshi. As far as rigging in the block elections is concerned, there are 140 blocks in the Capital. If any particular block is pointed out, it will be rectified.

He said the party is still committed to getting all the unauthorized colonies regularized by providing basic facilities.

He called upon the party workers to stand up and make the people aware of the ‘anti-public’ policies of the BJP in the MCD.

Tribune News Service