Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) president Jai Prakash Agarwal today said that the saffron party was misguiding citizens of the Capital by making false promises. He said this while responding to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) election manifesto.

Full statehood is not feasible to Delhi, as it is Capital of the country and comes under the union government. The police, land and building are under the centre.

Important national and foreign dignitaries stay in the Capital. Therefore, the police comes under the centre’s periphery. It cannot be given to the state, he explained.

Though the Congress had promised full statehood in its last manifesto, it was found technically not feasible when discussed with experts, Agarwal said.

The BJP high command is also aware of this but it is playing with the sentiments of the citizens.

The BJP is fighting a lost battle in the assembly elections, he claimed.

Integrated development was possible only when the MCD, DDA and the NDMC came under the direct control of the Delhi government, said Agarwal.

He stressed that the Congress was talking about the problems being faced by the residents and remedies to solve them.

Chandni Chowk MP Kapil Sibbal who was also present in the conference said that the BJP leadership was unaware of statistical data of Delhi’s development and that was why it claimed to develop Delhi like Gujarat. Delhi is more developed than Gujarat, he claimed.

The literacy rate of Delhi is 81.67 per cent while that of BJP-ruled states is less. Giving the literacy rates of BJP-ruled states, he said that in Gujrat it is 69.41 per cent, Rajasthan 60.41 and Madhya Pradesh 63.74.

The per capita income in Delhi is Rs 49,172 while in Gujarat it is only Rs 24,308; Rajasthan 15, 219 and Madhya Pradesh it is only 12, 566.

When asked about employment, he said that Delhi has been given a special status. Here the government is creating self-employment that is why better education arrangement is made.

Tribune News Service