Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) president Jai Prakash Agarwal today said that need of the hour was to carry forward the developmental works initiated by the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre and fight the anti-social forces.

He exhorted party cadres to be vigilant against negative forces who were out to scuttle the development projects in the country. He said that everyone should strive to create a peaceful environment so that the agenda of national development could be carried out without any hindrance.

He said this on the sidelines of the Independence Day celebrations in DPCC headquarters.

India gained independence because many leaders sacrificed their lives and turned into martyrs. Such hard-won freedom should not be frittered away in fruitless pursuits. The country, under the Congress-led UPA government was on the right track of development particularly in educational sector, poverty alleviation and employment generation.

Tribune News Service