Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) president Jai Prakash Agarwal said here today that the scheduled caste (SC) community was solidly behind the Congress and the party would retain power in the coming assembly elections in Delhi.

He said this while addressing a convention of the scheduled caste community. Addressing the convention, he said that the Delhi government had been initiating various schemes and projects from time to time for the welfare and benefit of the SC community.

The future of the scheduled caste community was safe in the hands of the Congress as it was the only political party which understood the problems of scheduled castes and devised various schemes to solve them to give them a better life.

He said the Congress government in Delhi had implemented various schemes and projects for the welfare of this community and the party would not tolerate any move to slow down or scuttle the welfare projects for them.

Delhi Assembly Speaker Chaudhary Prem Singh assured the SC community that their future would be safe in the Congress as the party had initiated various projects and schemes to improve their lot.

He exhorted the community members to work for the interest of the Congress and foil designs of those who were working only for their interest.

The Speaker said with the strength of unity, the SC community could achieve their goals and the Congress was the only political party the SCs could depend upon.

Tribune News Service